With a long-term vision of connecting all of Africa to the world via fibre-optic networks, TITC DRC is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the future of both the Central African region and the continent as a whole.

With a highly experienced Board, the company has drawn in some of the very best business minds from across the continent to work on improving the ICT infrastructure of this great region. In turn, they are supported by a technical capacity that is unmatched.

TITC has also partnered with a range of expert suppliers from across the world to build and deliver this groundbreaking enterprise. Their skills and equipment will help ensure that Africa receives a true world-class telecommunications infrastructure which will revolutionise the social and economic face of the Continent. This will be achieved via social development, financial inclusion, skills transfer as well as regional integration.

Cutting Edge Data Centers


Highly-secure, highly-advanced data hosting centres located at regional hubs of the new network will provide the region with affordable and reliable International Interconnect capabilities, data storage and access to International Services that will be hosted within the TITC Data Centres.

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Fibre is the world’s medium of choice for high speed data and telephony. Significantly faster and more reliable than satellite services, it represents a giant leap forward for connectivity in Africa. TITC is working with a wide range of international experts and suppliers from across the globe.

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