Employment & Skills Transfer

In addition to encouraging growth by empowering companies with reliable web access, the TITC projects will directly train and employ hundreds of African workers.

Imparting skills, knowledge and expertise to local people is important to the growth of individuals, companies and the country at large.

Economic Upliftment

The Fibre projects will inject huge sums of money into the economies of Africa. For example, through TITC DRC’s partnership with their local partners and the National Government, the bulk of the project’s profits will remain in the country.

Financial Inclusion

It is a priority for most African countries, and particularly those in Central Africa, to ensure the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to the disadvantaged and low-income segments of society. Unfortunately the poor quality of infrastructure and lack of innovative use of information and communications technologies is hindering development in many countries across the continent, making it impossible for these African nations to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment. TITC will change this by creating a platform that will allow for the innovative use of ICT. This will allow even the poorest of the poor to access and use the life-improving services and products, such as internet banking, which are made available through the high speed fibre optic cabling.

Social Development

Besides providing economic benefits, TITC is also committed to an ethic of community support. The roll-out of the Fibre projects will see significant sums of money put into providing IT and educational resources to schools, hospitals and other community services across the continent.


By using world-leading insertion technology, TITC has ensured that the laying of the cables will have almost no ecological or environmental impact. Patented low-impact ploughs will cut a strip in the ground just a few inches across, which will be almost invisible within hours, without disturbing the topsoil.

Regional Integration

Connecting the world to Africa with Fibre Optics has the added benefit of also connecting the people of Africa together, bringing them closer together and creating more opportunities for regional integration, achieving peace, stability and wealth across Africa. TITC sprl Phase 1 will see DRC interconnecting with Congo Brazzaville, Angola and Zambia, with successive phases interconnecting 9 Central African Countries.