Our Vision

Connecting the World to Africa


Build the Pan African Fibre infrastructure, connecting people.


Connecting the World to Africa with Fibre.


  • To build the Regional, National and International Fibre Infrastructure for all the Nations of Africa.
  • To build and establish one interconnected Continent, bringing people from all corners together, to build a United and Strong Africa.
  • To assist each respective Government to be connected to their people.
  • To build the African people by bringing the worlds information to them, establishing the people in the information age.
  • To build the channels for local and international commerce to take place.

The Challenges

In the modern world, connectivity means empowerment.

Access to information is access to learning, growth and endless opportunities.

According to Internet World Statistics, of all the internet users worldwide only 7% of these are Africans. Further, it is estimated that only 13.5% of the African population has Internet access. Those people that do have access generally have to rely on slow and unreliable satellite services. This has created a large digital divide amongst Africans and the world at large. Connecting African countries to the international fibre networks via the various Undersea Cables will transform this.

Our Solution

TITC DRC Ltd is to connect the world to Africa via ultrahigh speed fibre optic cabling. This ground-breaking project will bring previously unthought-of, lightning-fast internet speeds to the continent at a significantly lower cost, thereby empowering individuals and companies across the continent.

The company’s long-term vision is to build a network that will supply state-of-the-art information and communications technology (ICT) services internationally through strategic partnerships. Specifically, we are building a Telco Grade pan-African fibre backbone which will connect all African countries to the International Fibre Circuit and International Exchanges through redundant links. We plan to do this via a phased approach, starting in Central Africa with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and then branching into Ghana, neighboring countries  and beyond. This network will offer greater penetration, greater reliability, higher speeds and lower overheads to the benefit of the continent’s economy.

Jacques van Rooyen, Founder, TITC

“TITC is here to build the Telco Grade Pan African Fibre Network of the future in unison with the Governments, Leaders and other Network Providers to defeat a common enemy of todays global society.
That common enemy is the people of Africa not being able to freely connect and communicate with the rest of the World.”

– Jacques van Rooyen, Founder, TITC International